Sugarloaf Helmet

Sugarloaf Helmet

Sugarloaf Helmet

Descripion:– The helmets of the 14th century are composed chiefly of a mixture of iron plate and chain mail. Among them, the visored bascinet with camail was much in vogue. It was made of three parts: the skull-piece, the visor, and the camail. The visor, which turned on side pivots, could be removed, so it allows the helm to be added to the knight defenses by placing it over the bascinet. However, this was not a rule, as the visored bascinet itself was sometimes used for war, instead of the helm. It is in this century that the beaked bascinet was also introduced. The rich knights and Kings could wear helmets with decorations ranging from velvet to gold and precious stones.

Historical Period:- The great helm was a flat-topped cylinder of steel that completely covered the head and had only very small openings for the eyes and mouth. Later designs gained more of a curved design, particularly on the top, to deflect or lessen the impact of blows. The great helm ultimately evolved from the nasal helmet, which had been produced in a flat-topped variant with a square profile by about 1180. From this type of helmet an intermediate type, called an ‘enclosed helmet’ or ‘primitive great helm’, developed near the end of the 12th century. In this helmet the expansion of the nasal produced a full face-plate, pierced for sight and breathing. This helmet was largely superseded by the true great helm by c. 1240.

Inspiration:- This Sugarloaf helmet was inspired by authentic historical research and is fully wearable and functional. The antique brushed finish stands in stark contrast to brass highlights, making this the perfect piece for any armor collection or costume.

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Material: 18 Gauge Mild Steel

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