Roman Writing Tablet W Bronze

Roman Writing Tablet W Bronze

Roman Writing Tablet

Period wax tablet recreated in hollowed out wood with beeswax, plus an bronze stylus/smoother included. Overall size is 5″ x 8″, depth 1/4″, all natural beeswax, enclosed in a beechwood frame.
Our Roman Writing Tablet & Stylus Set is based on an authentic period design from the days of the Roman Empire. Romans used to write notes with a pointed bronze “stylus” scratching them in wax. They had tablets from hollowed out wood and hardened beeswax inside. These tablets come in pairs and can be folded down like a diptychon. To write another message, notes were erased with the flat end of the tool the Romans carried with them.

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Material: 2 beechwood hollowed out frames “hinged” together
Bronze stylus smoother

Size: 5″ x 8″


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