Roman 1st C. Mainz Belt Tin Plated

Roman 1st C. Mainz Belt Tin Plated

Roman 1st Mainz Belt Tin Plated

The Mainz Roman soldier’s belt is composed of many thick plates and a buckle of tin plated antiqued brass backed by robust leather. The belt has a second inner lining of suede leather to protect a tunic from the rivets. The twin rondels for hanging a Pugio dagger are fitted to hinged plates and a leather cord to tie the dagger is included. The tassets are crafted from matching leather set with tin plated antiqued brass medallions – it is removable if needed.This Cingulum (balteus) belt is replicated from the plates found of a Roman belt that accompanied a Mainz type Gladius. It is completely wearable and ready to use.

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Material: Brass and then tin plated

Size: Overall Length: 52” Width: 1 3/4”
Tasset Length: 15 1/2”
Belt adjusts to have an inner circumference of: 38 1/4” – 49”


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