Pretorian Standard

Pretorian Standard

Pretorian Standard

The bodyguard of the Roman emperors, noted for its political corruption, which existed from 27 bc to 312 ad used this pretorian. The elite bodyguard of a Roman emperor, consisting of between 5,000 and 10,000 members.
In every cohort of the Roman Legion, a venerated, veteran member would be tasked with carrying the standard, the ‘’Signum’’ on the march and into battle. These decorated soldiers, the ‘’Signifer’’ would often have been veterans serving beyond their required years of enlistment. They were bedecked in medallions and awards over their armor and wore the hide of a wolf, bear or lion as a cape with the mouth over the helmet, fangs pointed toward the enemy. Probably used from 100-400 AD, these standards bore the symbols of the Legion and medallions for Legion and Cohort awards. The Signum was the ‘’soul’’ of the unit and was considered sacred, and would be decorated with sacred oils and garland on ceremonial occasions. The standard was the rallying point of the unit and allowed commanders to see where their units were deployed over the heads of the combatants. Like the Aquila standard, the single great standard of the entire legion, the unit Signums were protected at all cost and their loss or capture was the most severe disgrace. When in a fort, the Sigum was housed in either the shrine or treasury of the Legion HQ and guarded at all hours.

This replica Roman Cohort Signum Standard has a shaft of darkened wood and medallions of brass. It bears a brass name plate – ‘’COH III PR’’ identifying it as the standard of the 3rd Praetorian Cohort. It comes apart in two halves and is screwed together for ease of transport. The bottom half of the wood shaft has two steel grips. Historically, these grips were intended to help its bearer carry the standard over long distance.


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