Iron Scale Armour

Iron Scale Armour

Iron Scale Armour (No Leather Lining at the end)

Known as lorica squamata to the Romans, scale armor, like this hauberk of Greek Scale Armor, consists of several small metal scales that have been attached to a simple backing material with the intent of creating an effective suit of armor. Like classic scale armor, this hauberk is composed of several equally sized scales that have been attached to a backing to create an overlapping armor of scales, not all that dissimilar in style to lizard scales.The style of armor originated in Greece but gained prominence more with the Romans, as well as with many Middle Eastern empires. As an alternate to mail armor, it is difficult to beat the look and protection of a suit of Greek Scale Armor.

Deepeeka’s version is now more flexible than ever. With real leather straps on the back on both sides, it is fully adjustable to the wearer. The sides can easily be overlapped to achieve the right size and look.

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Material: The scales are all iron with a mid rib.

Size: Approx. 36mm x 26mm.

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