Huginn & Muninn’ Viking Shield

Huginn & Muninn’ Viking Shield

Huginn & Muninn’ Viking Shield Dia  
This Viking shield is a 13mm thick plywood piece with two ravens, representing Odin’s messengers Hugin and Munin. The twin bird motif is a recurring theme in Viking art, as the ravens fly over Asgard and Midgard and return to the Allfather of the Gods, Hrafnáss. The shield has a steel boss in its center, tightly held with four rivets, and rawhide edge. The back is fitted with three wooden reinforcement slats, with the central slat acting as a handle and leather-wrapped in its middle section. This early medieval wooden shield is a great accessory for re-enactment, LARP, stage, or TV/film, and makes a great collectible or display piece for Viking Age enthusiasts.

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Material: plywood, solid wood handle with leather wrap, leather (rawhide) edging, steel boss
Diameter: approx. 80 cm (31.5 in.)
Thickness: approx. 13 mm
Shield boss: overall Ø approx. 18 cm, bulge Ø approx. 13 cm, bulge height approx. 8 cm
Weight: approx. 4.6 kg
Painted with ravens and a triskelion.
Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece due to being entirely handmade.

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