Gothic “X” Dagger

Gothic “X” Dagger

Gothic Dagger

– Made of high carbon steel grade EN45
– Light Combat  “F” model is hardened and tempered, has thick edges (1.5mm – 2mm thick) and Tip of the sword is rounded off.
– Regular “R” model is hardened and tempered, no thick edges, no rounded tip.

This Gothic Dagger echoes the look of a larger gothic sword, while keeping to a smaller size, which means that just about anyone can easily carry it as their side-arm of choice, whether they are sparring, dueling, or just attending a local Ren Fair. And that is good, because this dagger features little touches of medieval styling that allow it to fit perfectly into the era. The unique touches of design on this Gothic Dagger make it a great accent to have hanging off your belt, at any event, while also adding that realistic little touch of a medieval noble, serf or warrior who never goes anywhere without a trusty weapon, somewhere on-hand.
This Dagger is available in “R” & “F” Versions. “R” is regular version is tempered and hardened and features traditional shaping, making it a great choice for display or carrying to complete your look.
“F” Version is combat version, the blade is heat treated, edges are around 2mm thick and the tip of the blade is “rounded off” making it suitable for light use in sparring and reenactment.
Sword of St. Maurice (Turin)

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Material: Blade made of High Carbon steel. Tampered, Not sharpened.,Full Tang Blade, edges 2mm+, Rounded Tip
                 Handle Material : Wood with leather wrapping
                 Scabbard with Real Leather with wooden core
Size: Blade Length : 12 Inch Approx.,Blade Width : 1.20 Inch Approx.
          Overall Length : 18.20 Inch Approx.
Weight: 0.540 kg. Approx.

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