Arrow Head

Arrow Head

This Curved Leafblade Arrowhead is one such design that was used throughout the Middle Ages, all the way up until the renaissance and beyond. This particular arrowhead is made entirely from high carbon steel and offered in two finishes, either a blackened, aged, historical finish or a polished steel finish. The arrowhead features a long rod attachment point and a curved and rounded leaf-blade design that offers a wide point alongside a wide, wounding design that is perfect for both hunting and war.
This Curved Leadblade Arrowhead is hand forged from high carbon steel and has been left with a rough polished blackened finish. The arrowhead is unsharpened.
This is a handcrafted item and the diameter of the socketing end can vary – we highly recommend that you purchase these arrowheads first and then measure each one individually before determining what size of shaft you will need to fit them.

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Arrow Head


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