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3rd C Roman Spatha

Price: $190.00
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3rd C.Roman Spatha

 It is patterned after a typical 3th century Roman sword that would have been used heavily by front-line troops and heavy infantry units; a long, unadorned blade.

Price: $190.00
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Features:  The guard is a decorative square carved with subtle designs; the grip features spiral patterns along with attractive brass adornments; The pommel is diamond shape with flattened facets, along with a small brass cap on the end; a matched wood scabbard wrapped with vibrant red leather and lined with brass adornments, including carrying rings and a circular brass chape; Overall 32"" long.

Material: Mild Steel

Size: Blade length-28",Total length-36.50",Blade Width-2.00"


Descripion: Ornate and Impressive Looking Roman Spatha, features an unadorned straight edge blade, a handle made from polished bone, and a hardwood sheath with brass adornments.

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