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Mini Targe

Price: $95.00

Mini Targe 

The Targe is basically another name for shield.It was mainly used by the troppers from 13th century to 16th century.Its design was concieved in Spain.It is a concave shield fitted  fitted with enarmes on the inside, one adjustable by a buckle, to be attached to the forearm, and the other fixed as a grip for the left hand.

This hand-crafted Scottish Targe is a well-made ½ scale replica inspired by an original that was captured at the Battle of Culloden and now resides in the Royal Armouries Collection at the Tower of London. It is constructed from wood with a premium quality tooled leather face with suede back and brass studs.
The leather covering may contain some natural inconsistencies, this does not affect the overall appearance or functionality of the product.


Material: Mild Steel

UPC: 680596014546

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