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Greek Shield

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Greek Shield

 Metal shield with leather covering and embossed Boss.23' diameter.

Historical Period:- A hoplon shield was a deeply dished shield made of wood. Some shields had a thin sheet of bronze on the outer face, often just around the rim. In some periods, the convention was to decorate the aspis; in others, it was usually left plain. Probably the most famous aspis decoration is that of Sparta: a capital lambda (Λ). From the late 5th century BC, Athenian hoplites commonly used the Little Owl, while the shields of Theban hoplites were sometimes decorated with a sphinx, or the club of Heracles. 700BC through approx. 480BC

Inspiration:- Hoplons and full body armour depicted in a Greek vase dated to 550 BC.

Price: $214.00
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Features:- Greek Shield.

23 inch diameter.
metal shield with leather covering.
embossed Boss.

Material:- Metal

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