Seax of Beagnoth

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The Seax of Beagnoth (also known as the Thames scramasax) is a 9th-century Anglo-Saxon seax. It was found in the River Thames in 1857, and is now at the British Museum in London.On one side of the blade is the only known complete inscription of the twenty-eight letter Anglo-Saxon runic alphabet. As well as the name "Beagnoth" in runic letters. It is thought that the runic alphabet had a magical function,and that the name Beagnoth is that of either the owner of the weapon or the smith who forged it.Our Limited Edition Replica is based on the dimensions of the orignal. It has a hand made steel blade with Gold & Silver Inlay, a hand carved wood grip and hand crafted natural- Leather Scabbard

Price: $0.00
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Material: Carbon Steel, Gold and silver plated

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