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Jacobite Basket Hilt, Scottish Brass Basket Sword

Price: $190.00
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Jacobite Basket Hilt, Scottish Brass Basket Sword

This Sword is an reenactment of 17th century basket-hilted Claymore sword.The brass basket is adourned with heart-shaped cut-outs and expertly executed groovings.The blade has double fuller running along the center.It is battle ready and comes with the scabbard.
The iconic Basket Hilt Sword was wielded by Jacobite warriors during the rebellions of 1715 and 1745. It was usually partnered with the Scottish targe shield and was used to devastating effect during the Highland Charge! After the rebellion had been suppressed, the wearing of Scottish Basket Hilt swords, synonymous with Highland dress, was outlawed. However, the sword was adopted by officers of the Highland regiments in the 19th century. Our Jacobite Basket Hilt Sword features a brass basket with red cloth lining. The hand forged high carbon steel blade has a blunt edge and is housed in a leather covered wood scabbard.

Price: $190.00
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Material: Mild Steel

Size: Total Length-42"

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