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Roman Spear

Price: $124.00
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Roman Spear

7 foot (hasta) spear comprised of hand forged carbon steel and hard wood, featuring a metal ball and end cap. Ships in 2 easily assembled sections
The gladius sword was not the only weapon that was integral to Roman warfare. Roman soldiers also typically carried multiple copies of a historical polearm called a pilum into battle. The pilum functioned similar to a javelin, possessing a wooden shaft joined to an iron shank with a roughly pyramidal head. Roman pila could come in a variety of different shapes or sizes, ranging from the weighted pilum that was designed to hit hard and penetrate deep to lighter, smaller pila that were designed for ease of carrying and mobility. One unique feature of the classic pilum is that the shank was designed to bend upon impact, making the Roman javelin difficult to remove from the target and ensuring that the weapon was unusable by an enemy after a good throw.

Price: $124.00
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Material: Hand forged carbon steel and attached to a hardwood shaft.

Size: 7" length.
Weighted ball just under the socket.
End cap.

Historical Period: Hastae were carried by early Roman Legionaries, in particular they were carried by and gave their name to those Roman soldiers known as Hastati. During Republican times, the hastati were re-armed with pila and gladii and the hasta was only retained by the triarii.

Inspiration: A Roman coin showing an antoninianus of Carinus holding pilum and globe.

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