The River Witham Sword, 11th C (based on type X)

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This sword was found around the River Witham near Lincoln, England and is a part of the collection of the British Museum. The sword has a double fuller running nearly to the point, and has a very beautiful letter inscription on one side, running right across both fullers, and an interesting series of Lombardic letters +NDXOXCHWDNCHDXORVI+ on the other. The sword is dated c. 1100-50. This is one of the finest English Knightly swords to have survived from the Middle Ages.

Deepeeka’s replica comes complete with a scabbard, has a full tang, and is heat treated to a Rockwell of 48-52. Our blades are made out of high carbon steel.

Price: $0.00
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The River Witham Sword, 11th C (based on type X) Blade 29.75" Overall 36"
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