Oslo Type O Sword, 10th C

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This “ritually killed” late ninth to tenth century sword is part of a very large grave find from Vestre Berg, in the parish of Loiten, in Akershus county. The sword is a part of the collection of Universitetets Oldsaksamling, Oslo marked C13848a. The hilt is the result of fine craftsmanship. The boat-shaped cross has rounded ends and curves gracefully towards the blade, a point which Petersen emphasises as being a characteristic of a genuine type O.
The pommel consists of five lobes. The three larger ones have similar decorative devices to those on the cross (and on both lateral faces) whereas the splayed carry no form of decoration. The hilt has a knot-like ornamentation.

Deepeeka’s replica comes complete with a scabbard, has a full tang, and is heat treated to a Rockwell of 48-52. Our blades are made out of high carbon steel.
Price: $0.00
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Oslo Type O Sword, 10th C Blade 30.75" Overall 37"
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