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Gunther Type Late L Sword

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visit! Visit! The c. 9th-10th sword is one of the rare complete Petersen Type L swords. It has a straight blade with a slightly raised midrib as well as sloped blade edges. The pommel has a curved base-element and three lobes, with bands of separation between the lobes. Two very similar swords have been published by Peirce (2002, pp.77-81), both preserved at the British Museum. One of these is the very famous Witham sword (Bjorn, 1940, part 4, p.71; Oakeshott, 1960, p.134). Another occasional find of this typology has been excavated in Wales in 2002. Such swords were found especially in Britain having a diffusion especially between the 900 and the 1050 AD. They correspond to the period in which England was under the influence of the Danish, who settled there, and for a while England was part of the Anglo-Danish Empire of Knut the Great (1017-1035"). Deepeeka’s replica comes complete with a scabbard, has a full tang, and is heat treated to a Rockwell of 48-52. Our blades are made out of high carbon steel.


Gunther Type Late L Sword Blade 30.75" Overall 37"
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