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Gunther Type H/I Sword

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This sword is difficult to classify, because as per J. Peterson, type H and type I are often related. The main difference is size of the cross guard and pommel base. Majority of the H/I swords were from the Birka Barrow Cemetery, in present day Sweden. These swords are dated from the early 9th to the middle of the 10th c. This particular sword was found in 1949 during D. Avdusin’s excavation of Barrow L-35, which contained a double cremation burial. On one side of the blade there is an ULFBREH+T mark and lattice weave on the other. There are traces of brass/copper found on the pommel suggesting copper coating. Another find suggests that the upper and lower surface of the crossguard were covered with plates of about 1mm, made of brass. The plates were attached to the iron framework by two rivets. Deepeeka’s replica comes complete with a scabbard, has a full tang, and is heat treated to a Rockwell of 48-52. Our blades are made out of high carbon steel.


Gunther Type H/I Sword Blade 30.5" Overall 37.5"
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