D Type from C-2 Barrow, 10th C.

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The D Type sword was found in 1950 by D.A. Avdusin during the excavation of Central Barrow Group in present day Russia, associated with a double cremation burial. The sword, bent and broken, was in a pit under a funeral pyre. The pommel is two-parted, the tang of the hilt passes through both parts of it and is riveted. On one side of the blade there is an O-shaped symbol, on the other side there are remains of a cross. It is unclear whether these signs were autonomous, or a part of composite marks of the manufacturer. J. Peterson dates these swords to the 9th c., however, F.A. Androschuk broadens the date of this type to be the 1st half of the 10th c.


D Type from C-2 Barrow, 10th C. Blade 31" Overall 38.1"
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