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Period Furniture

Period Furniture

Your trusted source for affordable and good quality period furniture. Today we have extended our product base to cater for changing customer demand. What you see is only a sample of what we can do- we are open to customised furniture- period or modern.

9 Item(s)

  • Roman Folding stool

    SKU: AH6019
    Price: $0.00
  • Medieval Folding Stool

    SKU: F0001
    Price: $166.00
  • Medieval Bench

    SKU: F0002
    Price: $143.00
  • Medieval Stool

    SKU: F0003
    Price: $105.00
  • Medieval Folding Chair

    SKU: F0004
    Price: $0.00
  • Medieval High Chair

    SKU: F0005
    Price: $309.00
  • Medieval Treasure Box

    SKU: F0006
    Price: $238.00
  • Medieval Chair

    SKU: F0007
    Price: $342.00
  • Medieval Desk

    SKU: F0008
    Price: $418.00

9 Item(s)

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