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Landsknecht Katzbalger

Price: $181.00
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Landsknecht Katzbalger

Landsknecht (the land's knight) was the term applied to German mercenary soldiers of the 16th century. They carried a short sword, which they called jokingly "Katzbalger" (cat gutter) and as it was a very particular sword it is still today known under this name.Our reproduction has a wooden grip.and Steel is battle ready and comes with a scabbard.

 - Made of high carbon steel grade EN45
 - Light Combat  "N" model is hardened and tempered, has thick edges (1.5mm - 2mm thick) and Tip of the sword is rounded off. 

Price: $181.00
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Material: Blade made of High Carbon steel.Tampered, Not Sharpened,Full Tang Blade

                Handle Material : Wood with leather wrapping

Scabbard : Real Leather with Wooden Core

Size: Blade length : 30.80 Inch Approx,Blade Width : 1.72 Inch Approx

          Overall Length : 36.80 Inch Approx.

Weight : 01.670 kg. Approx.

UPC: 680596069324

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