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Landsknecht Dagger

Price: $95.00
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Landsknecht Dagger

This dagger is basically a katzbalger,though smaller, it has a straight-edged blade with a sharp, angular point that is perfect for thrusting and small cuts. The guard is reminiscent of the full-sized sword, being shaped like a figure-8 design. The handle is made from hardwood and the pommel is small to balance the weight and ensure all force goes into the daggers point. The blade has a double-fuller design along the spine that helps lighten the daggers weight.It is battle ready and comes with a scabbard.

 - Made of high carbon steel grade EN45
 - Light Combat  - hardened and tempered, has thick edges (1.5mm - 2mm thick) and Tip of the sword is rounded off. 

Price: $95.00
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Material: Mild Steel

UPC: 680596069355

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