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Flemish Pappenheimer Rapier

Price: $196.88
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Flemish Pappenheimer Rapier

Inspired by the Flemish "Pappenheimer" 1630 rapier, this was designed with the historical fencer and stage production in mind. It is built using a reliable and safe fencing blade and has had a quality Flemish rapier style guard fitted. The guard is stainless steel and very solid.It is battle ready and can be used for costume dressing also.It comes with a leather scabbard that has brass accents.

Price: $196.88
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Material: Blade made of High Carbon steel. Tampered, Not sharpened.Full Tang Blade

                 Handle Material : Wood with wire wrapping

                 Scabbard : Real Leather

Size:  Blade Length : 32 Inch Approx.,Blade Width :0.92 Inch Approx.,Overall Length : 40.60 Inch Approx.

Weight :  1.260 kg. Approx.

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