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Finger Guard Hilt Milanese Sword

Price: $190.00
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Finger Guard Hilt Milanese Sword

Descripion:- This finely made sword is of the Oakeshott type XIX, with a broad flat blade with parallel edges and narrow fullers. The original sword is inscribed with the date 1432, and is believed to have come from the treasuries of Alexandria. The Primus range represents the pinnacle of Deepeeka quality historical replicas. Each item of this signature line is developed from original design patterns in consultation with the museum staff who have direct access to the original pieces. Additional production development is done with assistance from American and European experts in the field. Only then are these pieces painstakingly created by the finest of Deepeeka’s skilled craftsman. Final quality control is double checked to insure the strictest adherence to even the slightest of details. Deepeeka Exports is extremely proud and pleased to offer the Primus line as the culmination of years of continuing dedication to quality and historical accuracy in these fine products.

Historical Period:- There are tales of Alexandria's lost glories. Many of those stories speak of the libraries; there was also a treasury of weapons, starting around 1367. Captured weapons and armour were stored there, as curiousities and valued prizes.
During the Crusades, while Europeans were attempting to re-gain access to Jerusalem, many wealthy and well-provisioned soldiers and knights crossed the land near the Mediteranean Sea to do battle. Some lost their lives, and all their gear. The metal bits and pieces were a marvel to the residents, and were carefully stored.
Later, some of these pieces that had been moved to Alexandria were given as bond on treaties with other nations. They were often inscribed with dates or names in the script of the receiving nation.

Inspiration:- The Finger Guard Hilt Milanese Sword is a reproduction of the straight two edged sword, dated 1432, in The Royal Armouries, Leeds, UK. This sword, one the most famous swords from Alexandria, is representative of the Oakesott Type XIX, with these defining characteristics: the parallel edges of the blade, hexagonal blade cross-section, and short ricasso.

Price: $190.00
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Size: Blade Length : 34.80 Inch Approx.,Blade Width : 1.40"

         Overall Length : 242 Inch Approx.

Weight : 1.010 kg.

Material:- Blade made of High Carbon steel. Not Tempered, Not sharpened.,Full Tang Blade

                 Handle Material : Wood with Leather wrapping

                Scabbard with Real Reather with wooden core

Inspired by an Italian sword from approximately 1432.
Features hilt with black finish and finger-guard.
Hand forged in carbon steel.
Overall length is just over 41 inches.

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