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Foot Soldier'S War Hammer

Price: $79.00

Foot Soldier's War Hammer

A war hammer is a weapon that was used for fighting close combats during the Medieval period.It has a high thrusting power and is named so since it resembles the shape of soldier's foot.It is completely battle ready.
This Late Medieval Foot Soldier’s War Hammer has a head crafted from high carbon steel; it is peened and riveted with its steel langets and pommel cap to a hardwood haft.This late Medieval design is purpose-built for rending apart and puncturing the heaviest armors of the day. The long crow’s beak pick is ideal for puncturing helmets and armor, particularly when the opponent is dazed and vulnerable and the full force of the blow can be concentrated with minimal fear of the pick skipping or deflecting on the curved surfaces of armor.The pronged, quadrangular hammer head is designed for bludgeoning heavy and well-contoured armor. The prongs are built to bite into the armor in multiple points to prevent deflection or a loss of power by the hammer ‘’skipping’’ on the curved armor surfaces. By ‘’grabbing’’ onto a plate with the prongs the full force of the blow could be transferred into the unfortunate target.


Material: Carbon Steel
 Size: Blade Length : 7.20 Inch Approx.,Overall Length : 27.40 Inch Approx.
           Weight : 0.980 kg. Approx.
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