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Brass Handle Falcata

Price: $133.00
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Brass Handle
The term kopis (from Greek κοπίς, plural kopides from κόπτω - koptō, "to cut, to strike";alternatively a derivation from the Ancient Egyptian term khopesh for a cutting sword has been postulated) in Ancient Greece could describe a heavy knife with a forward-curving blade, primarily used as a tool for cutting meat, for ritual slaughter and animal sacrifice, or refer to a single edged cutting or "cut and thrust" sword with a similarly shaped blade.
Price: $133.00
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Falcata Horsehead dagger with brass hilt and 18 gauge EN45 steel blade with single fuller.

Brand: Greek

Material: Brass

Descripion: A striking sheathless Falcata constructed of thick EN45 steel, features a single fuller and distictive designed stylized brass hilt.

Sold By C Product. Historical Period: The falcata is a type of sword typical of the pre-Roman Iberian Peninsula (modern Spain and Portugal), similar to Greek kopis or Nepalese kukri. The falcata-like swords were derived from the sickle-shape knives of the Iron Age; that too explains their ritual uses. It is thought to have been introduced in the Iberian Peninsula by the Celts who spread the iron technology. It seems that its origin is parallel to the Greek kopis and is not derived from it
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