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Feltwell Sword with scabbard

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Feltwell Sword with scabbard

An iron sword with scabbard of Early Saxon origin was found in situ in the hypocaust of the villa in 1961. It seems that the sword had been placed under concealment in the hypocaust when part of the tiled floor had been moved.  It is nevertheless believed to be the earliest of its type to have survived in Britain. It is unlikely that the Feltwell sword was made in England. Archaeologists suppose it was brought over with the first Anglian settlers or maybe raiders.


Overall 35'' / Blade 29''
Material: Full tang sword,Wooden pommel, guard and handle,High carbon steel blade- non heat treated,Not sharp

Leather covered wooden scabbard

  • To sharpen the blade, you can unassemble the blade, heat treat with oil, and then sharpen the blade. 

The blade, hilt, and scabbard at this point was very close to the actual find. There was no bronze pommel cap found with this sword, the museum displays one with it, but it is from a different find, the original sword most likley had only a heavy iron washer like the Hemmingen sword. Deepeeka's version has a peened and top nut assembly. 

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