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Greek Parazonium dagger

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Descripion: This classic reproduction, with it's long trianglar blade reflects the Celtic/Scottish influence in some weaponry from this period.
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Historical Period: Greek Parazonium dagger was a sysmbol of rank and was often used to rally the troops

Inspiration: A parazonium is a long triangular dagger, wide at the hilt end and coming to a point. In the Roman mythology, it is frequently carried by Virtus, particularly on early representations. It is also sometimes carried by Mars, or Roma, or the Emperor, giving them the aura of courage. Virtus on a coin holding spear and parazonium.
Price: $76.00
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Parazonium dagger with a hand forged fullered EWN45 steel blade, hardwood hilt, brass pummel and guard, matching scabbard.

Material: Steel

Size: Blade length-9.60',Total l;ength-15.20",Blade width-1.68"


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