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Celtic Long Sword

Price: $214.00

Descripion:- These three swords are all of the same basic shape and era, but quite different in their ornamentation.

This sword has a brass hilt which has been shaped in the form of a warrior. The scabbard is of leather over wood, and features brass fittings.

Historical Period:- A significant Iron Age site was discovered in 1857 at La Tène, in modern-day Switzerland. The La Tène culture flourished between 450 BCE and 100 CE thoughout most of central Europe.
The people traded widely over their world; artifacts with influences from Greece and Ireland have been found in elite burials.
It is suggested that the culture was driven underground and then subsumed by Roman expansion.

Inspiration:- The original excavation in 1857 at La Tène site yielded over 40 swords; in total, 166 have been recovered. These finds inspired the creation of these reproductions.


Material: Blade made of High Carbon steel. Not Tempered, Not sharpened.,Full Tang Blade
                 Handle Material : Brass
                 Scabbard with RealLeather
Size: Blade Length : 32 Inch Approx.,Blade Width : 2.28 Inch Approx.
          Overall Length : 28 Inch Approx.
Weight : 1.340 kg. Approx.
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