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Brownbess Bayonet

Price: $61.00
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Brownbess Bayonet 

The Brownbess Bayonet came into use in 17th century.The stress-bearing parts of the Brown Bess, such as the barrel, lockwork, and sling-swivels, were customarily made of iron, while other furniture pieces such as the butt plate, trigger guard and ramrod pipe were found in both iron and brass. it is completely usable and can be used for replica purpose also.

Price: $61.00
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Material: Blade made of High Carbon steel. Not Tampered, Not sharpened.
                  Scabbard : Leather
Size: Blade Length : 18 Inch Approx.Blade width : 1 Inch Approx.Overall Length : 22.60 Inch Approx.
Weight :  0.630 kg
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