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War Axe

Price: $63.00

War Axe 

The single handed War Axe was designed to fight combats and for other utility purposes also.This War axe has a cutting designed in the blade that makes it stand apart from others.It is battle ready and can be used for costume dressing also.
Decorative replica of a battle axe from approx.1460 AD. This type of axe was popular amongst cavalry units that were involved in close combat.Few would dispute that the medieval knight’s favourite weapon was his sword. But many favoured the raw cutting power of the battle axe. In the hands of a skilled knight or man-at-arms, battle axes could be wielded with devastating force. Indeed it was the favourite weapon of some of the greatest warriors in history – King Robert the Bruce being one of them.The Medieval War axe is a light battle axe suitable for single hand use.


Material: Wooden and Mild Steel

Size: Overall Length-27",Edge-6",Total Length-29"

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