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Venetian War Hammer

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Venetian War Hammer

This hammer is similar in design to the Bec de Corbin, with a balanced design that utilizes hammer, spike, and spear to devastating effect. Mounted on a long haft, this pole arm features the typical advantage of a pole weapon.The hammer head offers a point of impact for blunt force trauma, the reverse spike poll can hook riders and pierce plate, and the thin spear point can slip through the chinks in armor. It is battle ready and can be used fro costume dressing also.
This type of War Hammer was also known as a Lucerne Hammer or Bec de Corbin, The war hammer was developed in the early 14th century from the poleaxe and used to be a popular two-handed pole arm among both the infantry and knights. This Venetian War Hammer is purpose-built to be a armor-pounding can-opener. Polearms such as this were becoming a dominating weapon on the late medieval battlefield and would be used by dismounted knights and professional men-at-arms alike. Not just for battle, blunted versions were used in tournaments. Poleaxes and Polehammers were also popular weapons for trial-by-combat. On the field, an advancing column of heavily-armored Italian foot soldiery armed with these polehammers would have been a daunting prospect to face. Every facet of the head and even the butt of the haft presents an armor puncturing spike.


Material: Wooden and Mild Steel

Size: Length-54.5"

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