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European Bec-De-Corbin

Price: $200.00

European Bec-De-Corbin 

A bec de corbin is a type of pole weapon that was popular in medieval Europe. The name is Old French for "raven's beak". it consists of a modified hammer's head and spike mounted atop a long pole.It is battle ready and can be used for costume dressing also.

The pole axe was the most common pole arm of the late Middle Ages and Renaissance periods. The Pole Axe had an axe on one side and a hammer on the other. Replicated from an original piece from 1475 AD.
This Late Medieval Poleaxe has a head forged from high carbon steel; it is riveted to a solid hardwood haft and completed with a steel spiked butt end and steel langets.
A versatile weapon, this poleaxe has all the tools needed to rend apart and bash asunder the grandest of armored defenses. A large axehead is balanced by a hammerhead with both surmounted by a armor-piercing spike. With these at his disposal, the bearer has no shortage of options and combinations for laying low the foe.



Material: Woodena and Mild Steel

Size: Length-67"

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