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Battle Baediche

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Battle Bardiche

pole weapon or polearm is a close combat weapon in which the main fighting part of the weapon is fitted to the end of a long shaft, typically of wood, thereby extending the user's effective range. Glaivespoleaxeshalberds, and naginata are all varieties of polearms.
The bardiche was a popular style of pole axe that was used throughout Eastern Europe during the medieval and the renaissance period. The Battle Bardiche behaves like a large axe with an oversized blade, making it perfectly suited for cleaving. The traditional bardiche was often regarded as something of a middle-range item that merges the effectiveness of a pole arm with the cleaving power of an axe. This bardiche features a broad, curved cleaving head that is mounted on a short haft, which gives the wielder a good deal of control over the larger blade, while also allowing for a broad swing that generates much more force. This bardiche blade is mounted to its haft via a socket and a side-mount. Unlike most pole arms, which could double over as a spear, this bardiche mimics an axes look and shape, which means that the back-curved blade lacks a point for effective thrusting.

Price: $119.00
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Material: Wood and Mild Steel

Size: Pole-42"


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