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Deepeeka Exports P Ltd
D 78 Saket, Meerut 250006. India

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Deepeeka Exports P Ltd
Khasra #54, Kia Parikshatgarh Road,
Behind Bharat Gas Godown,
Meerut 250001. India

Tel: 09627000283/ 09627000293
08476000171/ 08476000173

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Disclaimer:All our products are historical replicas. We do not produce sharp weapons. The products are for display, reenactment and costume purpose only. The prices shown are indicative only. They will vary based on your location and your local distributor.Deepeeka, its employees, assume no responsibility or liability, included but not limited to injury, damage or loss incurred by use of any merchandise sold by us. Compliance to local, state, or federal laws and/ or statutes is the responsibility of the purchaser, weather by mail, phone, internet or any other form of purchase through us.
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