Roman Caligae

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Roman Caligae 

They are heavy-soled hobnailed military boots known for being issued to Roman legionary soldiers and auxiliaries throughout the Roman Republic and Empire.


Leather sandal/boot.
Hobnailed soles.
Shipping weight approximately 2.2 lbs depending upon size.
Period open design of original roman Caligae.

SKU: AH3872N

Material: Leather

Size: 8,9,10,11

Descripion: This version of the classic Roman Caligae, is more shoe than sandal, following the original Roman military foot wear design, focusing not only upon durability, but comfort too.

Historical Period: 3-4 Century A.D.

Inspiration: An original caliga found at Qasr Ibrim, Egypt, plus finding in Vindolanda (Goubitz) Available Size: 8, 9,10,11,12

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