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Celtic Bronze Short Sword

Price: $238.00
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Celtic Bronze Short Sword

With the spread of the La Tene culture at the 5th century BC, iron swords had completely replaced bronze all over Europe. These swords eventually evolved into, among others, the Roman gladius and spatha, and the Greek xiphos and the Germanic sword of the Roman Iron Age, which evolved into the Viking sword in the 8th century. There are two kinds of Celtic sword. The most common is the "long" sword, which usually has a stylised anthropomorphic hilt made from organic material, such as wood, bone, or horn. These swords also usually had an iron plate in front of the guard that was shaped to match the scabbard mouth. The second type is a "short" sword with either an abstract or a true anthropomorphic hilt of copper alloy. 

Price: $238.00
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Material: Blade made of Bronze, Not Tempered, Not sharpened.
                 Handle Material : Bronze
                 Scabbard : No Scabbard
Size: Blade Length : 23.80 Inch Approx.,Blade Width : 2.32 Inch Approx.
           Overall Length : 28.60 Inch Approx.
Weight  1.510 kg. Approx.
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