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Leather Subarmalis

Price: $404.00

Leather Subarmalis

This subarmalis is made of authentic leather and the design is historically renacted. It is completely wearable and comfortable.
Subarmalis was worn beneath the lorica or chainmail shirt. It should protect that the lorica chaf at the skin. After the army reform 25 AD each Roman legionary had to wear a Subarmalis. Designed as a padded under-armor of sorts, this protection was one worn by most armored soldiers in the Legion. An iconic and important part of the legionaries kit, the subarmalis was designed to a secondary layer that helped not only to reduce impacts, but also add more defenses to the legionary, ensuring that even if something did get through the steel or the mail he wore, it would meet leather before it met cloth or flesh. This subarmalis is designed to be supple and comfortable, as well as easy to move around in, featuring short sleeves with squared leather strips at the end, as well as a matching styled hem, which echoes the look of more common Roman belts, war skirts, and tassets. The subarmalis is offered in one single size, but it is offered in large enough size that it can easily fit most with ease.


Material: Leather

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