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Imperial Gallic ‘I’ (Mainz)

Price: $356.00
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Imperial Gallic ‘I’ (Mainz)

Classically styled Imperial Gallic 'I' Mainz of 18 gauge brass with a high shine, hinged ear flaps, hooks and bracket for mount optional plume/crest, and traditional detailing.

Historical Period: Can be dated to AD 61, 100 A.D. till 200 A.D.

Inspiration: The best example was found in the Rhine River at Mainz-Weisenau and is now exhibited in Worms. Fragments of helmets of this style were found in rubbish pits at Colchester (now reassembled and displayed at the Colchester Castle Museum)

Price: $356.00
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18 gauge brass with a high shine
hinged ear flaps
hooks and bracket for mount optional plume/crest.

Material: Brass

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