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Gallic G Special Command

Price: $238.00
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Gallic G Special Command

This roman helmet is an accurate reprodution of original artifact under the supervision of Military historian, author and museum curator, Daniel Peterson. The officer's crest in black and white horsehair indicating a sign of special command. 18 gauge polished steel with real brass details, and hinged cheek pieces complete this fully wearable helmet. Due to the hand-made nature of this item, slight differences in size and finish can be expected.
Roman Officer's Gallic G Special Command Helmet is handcrafted from steel and brass and features hinged cheek pieces and brass decoration. The crest is genuine horse hair and is removable. This helmet is an authentic replica and is popular with re-enactors.This style of Roman Legionary Helmet or "galea" dates from the 1st Century BC to the 2nd century AD. It is of the "Imperial Gallic G" type, a style influenced heavily by the craftsmen of Gaul (France). This style of helmet was no doubt worn by Roman Legionaries during Julius Caesar's invasion of Britain and was worn by the soldiers that garrisoned Hadrian's Wall.

Historical Period: Mid 1st century AD 

Inspiration: Example was found at Mainz-Weisenau (in the Rhine River) and is now exhibited in Worms.

Price: $238.00
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Black and white (natural) horse hair plume/crest
22 to 23 Inch Circumference
a rounded cap and open sides
sloping neck guard
hinged facial protectors
small forehead visor
18 gauge steel with brass fittings.

Material: Steel

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