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Thracian Helmet I

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Thracian Helmet I

Thracian helmet was a type of helmet that originated in Classical Greece and was widely used in Thrace, Dacia, Magna Graecia and the Hellenistic world until well into the Roman Empire.
For a soldier, this Thracian Helmet I was far too constricting, limiting vision and other senses. But for a gladiator, this 18-gauge steel helmet was ideal, especially since it offered an incredible level of defense not only for the head but also the face. This helmet differs from a traditional Roman helmet. It features a typical round crown set with a tall crest along the top of the helmet. This broad crest makes striking the top-center of the helm difficult. It diverts blows away from the top of the head. The helm also features a broad brim that encircles the crown. A mask composed of metal plates covers the face, leaving only the eyes exposed. They are covered with brass mesh lenses, to allow for adequate vision while protecting the wearers eyes. At the front of the helmet, just above the brim, is a brass detail. If you are looking for an authentic and accurate gladiator helm, than you will be well-served by this Thracian Helmet I.

Price: $261.00
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Material: Steel

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