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Gladiator Helmet III

Price: $404.00

Gladiator Helmet III

This sturdy helmet is casted in brass and an ancient renactment of Gladiator period,It is completely wearable and comfortable.
This helmet replica is similar to one of the brass helmets found in the gladiator barracks of Pompeii. This intimidating Gladiatorial Helm is crafted from 18 gauge brass and it prominently features a cast brass Medusa on its front. The faceplate and neckguard are modifiable; the grill faceplate is secured with top rings and swivel pins and can be removed, leaving the throat guard in place. Additionally, the throat plates can be removed by unscrewing them from the screws which are camouflaged as the brass studs on the side of the helmet.

One of the original helmets found is shown in the National Museum of Naples.


Material: Brass

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