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Ceaserean Helmet

Price: $262.00
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Ceaserean Helmet

Inspired by Ceasar's rule in 50 B.C. comes the Ceserean Helmet. Featuring brass plated steel construction, this elegant piece is quite comfortable and fully functional.

The helmets of the roman legionaries fighting along with Caesar during the Gallic wars were most of the time simple brass or bronze bowls, with a little neck guard. The cheek guards are made of iron rings, held in place with a leather thong. This one is made after a founding of Vieille-Toulouse in France.
Though this helm looks quite like a modern helmet, it is actually a reproduction of an original Roman find dating to about 50 B.C. - the time of Caesar.

Price: $262.00
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Material: Brass

Feature: With authentic design, this head gear is perfect for costumes, collections, and reenactments.

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