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Ribchester Cavalry Sports

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Ribchester Cavalry Sports

The Ribchester Helmet is a Roman bronze ceremonial helmet dating to between the late 1st and early 2nd centuries AD. It was found in RibchesterLancashire, England in 1796, as part of the Ribchester Hoard

The original of the Ribchester Sports Helmet is displayed at the British Museum.

Price: $418.00
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Material: Brass

Descripion: The Romans Knew their strengths and their weaknesses. Roman soldiers made great infantry, but lacked skills as cavalry or archers. As a result they looked to the Auxillia to fill these needs. Recruiting non citizen soldiers from the fringes of the empire, cavalry from Gaul and Germania and archers from Crete or Syria, among others. In many cases the Auxillia were not ''Romanised'' at all and were allowed to fight in thier native styles with their traditional equipment. This Roman Auxiliary Archer Helmet serves as a great example of this. The Near Eastern styling hints to the origin of the Syrian archers in Roman service.

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