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1st Century Roman Cavalry Helmet

Price: $404.00
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1st C. Roman  Cavalry Helmet

Featuring an impressively stylized design, this 1st Century Roman Cavalry Embossed Helmet is an incredibly decorative helm that would have likely been favored by members of the Roman cavalry, especially by officers enlisted in their ranks. This helmet is patterned after the classic Roman helmet from the earlier ages, although this one is far more elaborate in appearance.

The elevated status of the Roman auxiliary cavalryman is evident in the detailing upon this helmet over the more humble helms of his corresponding infantry counterpart. This reproduction is of a type related to the Auxiliary Cavalry Type A helm, of which a fine example dating to the 1st quarter of the 1st century was found near Arlon, Belgium. The dome of the helm stylistically emulates either hair or perhaps even the boar-tusk helms of ancient Mycenae - it is an artistic hearkening to Heracles and the Greek heroes of antiquity.

Price: $404.00
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Feature: This impressive helmet is made from quality metals and features a finish similar in color to polished brass. 

Description: The front of the helmet features a smooth section that is embossed with a portrait, likely of the emperor at the time. The cheek flaps that hang down from the sides are also embossed with an enthroned figure. Just behind the cheek flaps are molded ear designs that sit right over where the actual wearers ear would normally be. The back of the helmet features a flap that helps offer a bit more protection to the wearers neck. 

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