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Sugar Loaf (Modified)

Price: $127.00
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Sugar Loaf (Modified)

This is a replica of the helmet that was used in the 14th century.A sugar loaf helmet features tall peak as opposed to a flattened top. The helmet gets its unique name from the fact that it resembles the container that was used to sold sugar in medieval period.It has been designed with brass accents and comes with a stand.It can be used for costume dressing or reenactment purposes.
The Sugar Loaf helmet, so called because of its similarity in shape to the traditional "Sugar Loaves" that sugar was traditionally sold in, was a later variant of the Great Helm and was used throughout the 13th and 14th Centuries. This style of helmet saw use in many famous battles of the period and was also worn by Crusaders. The domed top was much better at deflecting blows than the flat topped Great Helms.

Price: $127.00
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Material: Mild Steel

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