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Price: $90.00


The Barbuta Helmet, also known as the barbute, was a visorless war helmet of Italian design. This helmet is simple and straight-forward, possessing a design similar to the classic Greek helmets of old, while providing just as much protection.The helmet features a rounded crown that's set with a raised wedge, which helps to provide additional strength and reinforcement to the helmet without adding too much weight. The helmet extends down on all sides, protecting almost all of the wearer's head and face entirely, leaving only a T-shaped section at the front of the helmet open, which keeps the wearer ventilated and leaves the wearer's eyes and face relatively open.The Barbute Helmet is a great piece to wear when you're about to march into a mock-battle or a LARP event, as well as a fantastic display item that features a good dose of authentic looking medieval style.


Material: Carbon Steel,18 gauge


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