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Italo Corinthian (Antique-finish)

Price: $152.00
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Italo Corinthian (Antique-finish)
Material: This Greek Corinthian Helm is crafted from 18 gauge steel which has been treated to have an antiqued bronze finish.
Historical Period: 700 through 400 BC
Descripion: Hoplite-Corintian styled helmet. These types of helmets are closely associated with the Greek Hoplite and Alexander of Macedon
Probably one of the most iconic war helmets of history, the Corinthian helm gives excellent, overall protection to the head whilst giving suitable allowances for vision, hearing and breathing without excessive obstruction. Purpose made for the Hoplite Phalanx, the Corinthian protects the wearer’s head from the chaotic scrum of the tight phalanx melee where protection from surprising attack angles and unseen projectiles was an imperative.

Price: $152.00
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Material: 18gauge,Iron with Antique finish


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