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Roman Hamata

The Romans used mail shirts with and without shoulder doublet protection. Mail "Hamata" was generally worn by the Auxiliary troops, in the Empire Period; but legionaries also utilized it. Mail is particularly good as protection against slashing or blunt weapon attacks, but was not as effective as segmentata plate armor as a defense from arrows and stabbing weapons. It requires that a heavy fabric or leather arming gambison garment be worn behind it for maximum protection.


Brand: Deepeeka

Era: Medieval

Series: Chainmail

Material: MIld Steel

SKU: AH6802

The lorica hamata is a type of mail armour used by soldiers of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. During the 1st century AD it was starting to be supplemented by lorica segmentata, but had been reintroduced as sole standard-issue armour by the 4th century AD. It was issued to both primary legionary and secondary auxiliary troops and was mostly manufactured out of iron rings.


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Price: $0.00
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