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Archaic Greek Greaves

Price: $309.00
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Archaic Greek Greaves

A greave (from the Old French grève "shin, shin armour" from the Arabic jaurab, meaning stocking[1]) is a piece of armour that protects the leg.

Descripion: These leather lined solid brass greaves are constructed to reflect a Hoplite armor must have.

Historical Period: 700-400 BC

Inspiration: Hoplite. Print from Vinkhuijzen Collection of Military Costume Illustration.

A greave is a piece of armor that protects the leg. These Greek Archaic Brass Greaves are modeled after the simple yet functional greaves that were favored by Greek hoplites, being folded segments of metal that protect the front of the leg. Classic Greek greaves were traditionally made from bronze, although the polished brass finish of these greaves makes for a nice match when paired with Greek armor as well, especially when placed side-by-side with the glimmer of a bronze Spartan armor.
The Archaic Greek Greeves are made from solid brass and are lined on the inside with leather for comfort and chafe protection. They are secured to the legs with a set of durable leather straps matched to buckles of antiqued brass. Not only do the straps help adjust the fitting of the greaves, but the brass itself is somewhat pliable and can be pushed together or pulled apart to better mold its fit to an individual leg.

Price: $309.00
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Features: Solid polished brass shin and knee gaurding greaves.
Thin leather lining.
2 sturdy leather straps.
Approximately 18"" long, 3.7 lbs.

Material: Brass

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